Friday, August 1, 2014

A lot of people die trying to cross the border

Vickers carries an M4 semiautomatic rifle with a 30-round magazine for his encounters with armed drug-runners on his ranch
People die out here' and 'all this on Obama's hands'
In one Texas county 259 bodies of illegal immigrants have been recovered since 2012, and local advocates suspect they are only finding one out of every five casualties

'Lots of people die out here': Dr. Mike Vickers and his Texas Border Volunteers group routinely find corpses on their south Texas ranches.

'I am not surprised to find immigrants dying 70 miles north of the border,' Burgard told MailOnline, but 'I am surprised that nine years later it is still a secret to most of the American people.'

'The Federal Government has long known about this,' he said, ticking off Texas and Arizona counties where human remains are continually turning up.

'Local officials who deal with collecting the bodies are so overwhelmed financially that the cost of coroner inquests on each case is dramatically affecting their budgets.'

'We've rescued some small children, quite a few,' Vickers recalled. 'One boy, 11 years old, was left behind 8 or 9 miles off the highway. He had no idea where he was.' The border volunteers gave him water and arranged for U.S. Border Patrol agents to pick him up.

'I've seen families out in my front yard under a tree,' he said, 'with little bitty toddlers with them.'

The group of about 300 amateur patrolmen go out in teams of up to 40 armed men at a time for 4- to 5-day patrols, reporting to Border Patrol agents and Texas Rangers on where the immigrant traffic is heaviest.

In nine years of scouring south Texas, no shots have been fired.
(Obama has blood on his hands a lot of people die.)

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